Punk rocker vies for real estate investment career

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DEAR BOB: A few months ago, my husband and I were first-time home buyers who had trouble getting "pre-approved" for a mortgage, as you often recommend. Then we saw a mortgage broker's little real estate newspaper ad that said, "Loan problems welcome." It turned out our situation wasn't a big problem, although we thought it was. My husband's income varies widely from year to year. He is an independent equipment sales representative. In 2003, he earned over $275,000. But the previous year, his commissions were only about $112,000. The mortgage broker got us "pre-approved" for a "no doc" stated income mortgage. Then we had no trouble shopping for a nice home. Now we are happily settled in our three-bedroom house with a fixed-rate mortgage at 6.12 percent interest. Why don't you tell your vast readership about these "no doc" stated income mortgages? – Sharon V. DEAR SHARON: Shame on me. I should mention unusual mortgages more frequently. So-called "no doc" or "stated income" mortgag...