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EMortgage adoption takes center stage

Industry group promotes time and cost-saving benefits of technology

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A group of mortgage lenders and technology providers, including Silanis Technology, on Monday officially launched an initiative to educate lenders about the benefits of adopting eMortgage technology. EMortgages Today is dedicated to leveraging industry standards and proven technology to assist lenders in realizing the abundance of time and cost savings inherent with eMortgages. The members of eMortgages Today include Silanis Technology, VMP Mortgage Solutions, Decade Systems, eLynx, Stewart Information Services, Quicken Loans and Interlink Electronics. Each company has products or solutions in place today to address a specific element of the eMortgage chain, including electronic disclosure delivery and application signing, data integration, forms support, SMART Document creation, eClosing, eVaulting and eNotarization. The announcement was made during the Mortgage Bankers Association's 91st Annual Convention in San Francisco. "The MBA plays a primary role in the industry's creation of...