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Time tips help the real estate day fly by

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(This is a Part 4 of a four-part series. See Part 1: Struggling for time in real estate; Part 2: Time misconceptions hurt real estate productivity; and Part 3: Real estate success: For love or money?) The last three parts of this series identified a number of strategies to help you manage your time more effectively. Today's column outlines 10 more tips to make more efficient use of your time. 1. Do errands and routine shopping in one trip Rather than making separate trips to the grocery store, cleaners and bank, do it in a single trip. If you are making more than $10 per hour, hire someone to handle most of your errands. Better yet, avoid making the drive and do as many tasks online as possible. Arrange to have your commission checks deposited directly into your bank account. Order office supplies in bulk and have them delivered to your home. Have the cleaners pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. Many grocery stores either deliver to your home or will have your groceries ready to be...