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Online real estate ads with a twist

New Jersey company offers interactive streaming media

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Visit's real estate section and a friendly Realtor named Bill Johnson appears on the screen, inviting viewers to click on him to learn more about homes for sale. But the Realtor's image isn't your average pop-up advertisement; it's an interactive streaming media video. Click on Bill's image and you'll be directed to his Web site at, where another streaming image climbs up from the bottom right of the screen to guide visitors through the Web site. On Exit Pro Realty's site, viewers can minimize their Web browsers, sit back and allow the talking guy on the screen to guide them through the process. The ads are difficult to miss or ignore and some people will probably click on them out of sheer curiosity. On a newspaper site, the ad works much like a pop-up, but can't be blocked like one. However, a piece of technology eventually could be created to block such streaming media ads. Dino Capone, who works with ScreenDreamer Media, said the concept behind the st...