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Personality holds clues to real estate success

Part 2 of 3: Do you have the makings of a top performer?

(This is Part 2 of a three-part series. See Part 1: Understanding your strengths, weaknesses and Part 3: 13 tips for improving real estate performance.) What personality characteristics predict real estate success? According to the research from Upward Motion, your personality traits have a strong influence on your potential for real estate success. In last week's column, we discussed how training, connections and behavioral style contribute to whether an agent will succeed in the real estate industry. Upward Motion designed a sales assessment called the Real Estate Simulator that allows agents and managers to compare their key personality traits to agents who earn at least $150,000 per year. Personality assessments provide valuable information about how an individual is likely to behave. While assessments do not always predict behavior accurately, they do predict inclinations and general patterns of expected behavior. According to Kim Ades, president of Upward Motion, top produ...