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Real estate agents say goodbye to holiday stress

Tips for time management, shopping and health

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Does the holiday season have you feeling stressed out? To keep your holiday season healthy, fun and enjoyable, try following the eight tips below. 1. Eliminate the bottom 20 percent of your activities. At holiday time, you must squeeze in normal work activities plus a wide array of other social activities. For many people, a few extra stressors are all that is necessary to overtax their immune system and make them ill. To avoid holiday overload, begin by identifying your priorities. Next, place them in rank order and then let go of doing the bottom 20 percent. The 80-20 rule tells us we receive 80 percent of our benefits from completing the top 20 percent of our activities. Since the bottom 20 percent produces less than 1 percent of benefit, eliminating these activities will reduce your stress at little cost to you. If you decide to act on an item from the bottom 20 percent, decide what other item(s) you are willing to drop first. If this strategy works during the holidays, continu...