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Lead management technology grows up

Part 3: Real estate digs deeper to harvest Internet leads

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Editor's note: With more consumers starting their home search on the Internet, online lead generation and management has morphed into a sophisticated business as agents, brokers and real estate companies scramble to adopt the new channel. This three-part series examines the changing nature of online lead generation as local Internet search becomes more relevant, more brokers get involved in lead systems, and more technologies emerge. (See Part 1: Search engines rev up for local realty results and Part 2: Brokers emerge in online lead scene.) At the Pleasanton, Calif.-based Agent Servicing Center, several full-time employees trained in servicing online consumers standby to follow up and begin qualifying leads for Prudential California, Nevada and Texas Realty agents as soon as they arrive. Employees contact each consumer lead within one hour to determine their needs and confirm contact information, then either hand them to an agent or place them in an e-mail system to ...