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Data security could shake up real estate industry

Part 2: Innovations in digital real estate technology

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Editor's note: Real estate, technology and the Internet: it's a match made in heaven. The combination is changing the way we search for homes, how we talk about our homes and think about where we live. In this three-part series we explored the latest innovation in real estate technology on several fronts, including home listings presentation on the Web, new data security systems, and blogs and online communities. (See Part 1: New forms of media converge in data-rich property listings and Part 3: dives deep into heart and soul of neighborhoods.) It starts with one Realtor who's nice enough to give his MLS login password to a trusted prospective buyer so that person can search for homes on his own. Then the buyer hands it off to his wife, who gives it to her brother who's also been thinking about buying a home. The brother gives it to his wife who leaks it to a cousin who happens to work for a moving company and soon all the people who've left their contact information ...