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Canadian real estate lures Southern California family

Perspective: Could sun worshippers survive as snow bunnies?

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LOS ANGELES–Now that George W. Bush has recaptured the U.S. presidency for another four years, the talk in my decidedly blue-state family has been Canada, Canada, Canada. But could we natives of the nation's sun capital survive even one winter north of the border? We aren't the only disappointed Democrats who have Canada on our minds. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that hundreds of people in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle have flocked to how-to immigrate seminars offered by a Canadian law firm. Immigrants are wanted, if not always welcomed with open arms. "ust about anyone in good health with a college degree, a decent work record and a blank rap sheet can make the grade," the newspaper reported. Canada is decidedly under-populated. The entire country contains only 32 million people even though its land mass is only slightly smaller than that of the United States. No wonder housing in Canada is downright affordable compared with housing in the most desirable and...