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15 people to watch in 2005

Opinion: Executives leading industry change

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Editor's note: The real estate industry is heading for big change in 2005. Experts once again are predicting slower home sales and easing price appreciation due to an anticipated rise in interest rates. In this Inman News forecast series, we attempt to get a clear picture of the industry next year, including what we can expect from housing numbers, who the industry should be watching and what the best and worst-case scenarios might be for housing in 2005. (See Part 1: The interest rate roller coaster ride; Part 2: Best-case scenario for housing next year; Part 3: Worst-case scenario for housing next year; Part 4: What will happen in 2005? and Part 6: Inman News Readers 2005 Real Estate Forecast.) The Inman News team is keeping an eye on 15 people we expect to shake up the industry next year. Here are our candidates for people to watch in 2005: 1. Tom Reddin, CEO of Real Estate, IAC Financial Services and Real Estate. Some time next spring, all the pieces of InteractiveCorp's...