Homeowners sue insurer after losing real estate to arson, foreclosure

Insurance co. refuses to pay claims

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In 1989 Fareed and Rashida Cassim bought their home and insured it with Allstate Insurance Co. But in December 1990, a fire resulted in at least $40,000 damage to the home, plus about $43,000 damage to their furnishings. When Fareed and Rashida filed their claim with Allstate, they were promptly paid a $10,000 advance toward living expenses because the house was uninhabitable. But after Allstate investigated the fire, Allstate's adjuster concluded the fire was caused by arson. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Instead of paying to replace the $43,000 damaged furnishings, Allstate offered to pay only $7,000. Allstate also stopped paying living expenses for Fareed and Rashida, resulting in financial hardship. Having to pay their own living expenses, plus trying to keep up mortgage payments, Fareed and Rashida eventually lost their home by foreclosure because Allstate refused to make prompt payments. Fareed and Rashida sued Allstate for "bad faith" failure to pay their insured claim...