Easy ways to finance real estate flipper purchases

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If you expect to hold title to a property acquired at a bargain price just a few days, weeks or months before "flipping" it to another owner, the last thing you want to do is obtain an expensive bank mortgage. Whenever possible, please don't use your own cash to acquire flipper property. Personally, I've found I negotiate the best purchase price and terms when I don't have much ready cash available and am forced to negotiate creatively. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The same principle applies even if you acquire a fixer-upper house or other property that you plan to immediately fix-up to increase its market value but you want to keep it rather than flip it – conserve your cash! Here are the easiest ways to avoid the high cost of obtaining a new mortgage at the time of property acquisition: Assign your bargain purchase contract to your buyer. That means you won't actually be taking title. Be sure the purchase contract form you use doesn't prohibit assignment. This meth...