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Realtors association develops Web-to-phone technology

Software set for release before April

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Realtors across the country will soon be able to use a tool that converts Web-based leads into cell phone calls, the National Association of Realtors announced today. Messenger, a software product that uses voice synthesis to translate consumers' Web-based real estate inquiries into voice messages that are sent to a Realtor's cell phone, is scheduled for release before April. A prototype version of the software was developed by the association's Center for Realtor Technology in collaboration with the Houston Association of Realtors during the latter part of 2004. "Realtors are always on the move as they serve clients. Nowadays many members use the telephone, especially cell phones, as their primary mode of communication. At the same time, our research indicates buyers want almost instant response to their e-mail inquiries about property," said Toni Nelson, president and chair of the Houston association. "When Realtors receive notification of an e-mail through Messenger, they are ...