Safety concerns erupt over home’s electrical wiring

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Dear Barry, The home we just purchased home was listed as 30 years old, but our neighbors say the house was actually built in the 1940s and was moved to the site 30 years ago. We've also learned that the some of the electrical wiring is very old, so we're now worried about electrical safety. Do you think the house should be rewired? – Gale Dear Gale, Older residential wiring is substandard when compared to current requirements. In some cases, these deficiencies warrant major changes, such as total rewiring or replacement of the service panel, but major upgrades of this kind are usually unnecessary. To best answer your question, the system should be thoroughly evaluated by licensed electrician. The most common and apparent shortcomings with older electrical systems involve wall outlets, specifically the lack of grounding and the shortage of available receptacles. Ungrounded outlets increase shock hazards and may expose electronic equipment, such as computers, to possible dama...