A lesson in redwood gutter preservation

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Q: I recently read your column about the redwood cabins. Can you tell me if the interior of my redwood gutters should be sealed with some kind of preservative? The house is in the Inner Mission neighborhood in San Francisco and was built in 1904. The gutters are an integral part of the Edwardian decoration on the front of the house and so I want to do the right thing. Or, is the ideal solution (expensive) metal liners? I'm having trouble getting through to gutter professionals and there is scaffolding up now, so I would like to know if the painter should seal the interiors, and if so, what with. Thanks so much. A: You definitely should take steps to maintain this wonderful architectural feature of your vintage house. From your letter it's clear you have a great deal of pride of ownership and that you want to do the right thing. With the scaffold up and the painters on the job now is the perfect time to do a bang-up job on a maintenance project that may well have been neglected over...