Earthquake dangers inspire home storage solutions

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Q: There is a question that has perplexed me for some time. We have done a low-budget remodel of our garage to turn it into usable office, art and storage space. Now comes the time to look into purchasing cabinets and shelves so that we can get boxes off the floor and actually finish moving into our house. We have a lot of books that we'd like access to. If we were not on the Hayward Fault, I'd jump ahead and just put bookshelves up on the ample wall space we have. However, I know this could be a foolish and dangerous solution, and yet I don't know what else to do. Closed cabinets with locks? Some kind of strap scenario for books on the shelves? Floor space isn't an option here; we've maxed out with desks and such. I would appreciate any tips or leads on this. A: We remember well California's Loma Prieta quake of Oct. 17, 1989. We both lived in nearby Alameda. Bill, who was then working graveyard shifts, was just finishing a good day's sleep. The quake jolted him out of bed. Kevi...