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Real estate title search gets one-click service

Zenodata enhances land record database

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Users of Zenodata's land record database can now complete their searches with a single click of a button. The new one-click service allows users of Zenodata's webJAZ search application to conduct multiple searches without having to start over. For instance, if after running a search, users find they need to go deeper than the 15-20 years of data stored in the database, they press a button and all the work they've completed is forwarded to a Zenodata title agent who will complete the search working with data as far back as 60 years. Results are usually returned in two hours or less, and the returned data is fully electronic. Zenodata's Land Record Database is completely electronic. To create the database, Zenodata extracts and imports all relevant information from original recorded county documents, using only high-resolution images. A proprietary conversion process then pulls all relevant information from the documents, creating a database with more than 75 fields cross-indexed by...