Homeowner hesitant to resolve mold problems in court

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Q: We purchased a home about two years ago, and soon after noticed mold in several areas. We have since found out that the house sat vacant for two years, and that the sellers definitely knew about the problem. Our insurance company turned down the claim, and we have been advised to hire a lawyer and go after the sellers. I have severe allergies and my son has pneumonia and we feel it's unsafe to be in the house, but we can't sell it either. We can't afford to hire a mold abatement specialist because they want the house tested first to see what kind of mold is there. We really feel trapped, and would appreciate any help you can give us. – Nancy W. A: This a definitely a tough situation to be in. My advice would be as follows: 1. Protect your health. Of foremost importance is protecting the health of you and your family, so I would begin by contacting your health care professional. Give him or her what information you have gathered so far, and make a determination as to whether ...