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Flat-fee real estate site adds legal forms users can buy transaction forms online

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Join 4,000 real estate pros at Connect SF, Aug 7‑11, 2017, a site that charges a flat fee for marketing properties online, today announced an alliance with a company that publishes real estate and legal forms. Colby Sambrotto, COO for, said the deal with Socrates Media will make it easier for the site's customers to find the right forms to assist their real estate transactions. Socrates Media publishes self-help business forms, kits, software, guides, books, and downloadable completion services, and is one of the leading publishers of legal forms. "We're very pleased to give our customers access to their expertise," Sambrotto said. Forms available at the site include the Agreement to Sell Real Estate Form, Quitclaim Deed Form, Offer to Purchase Real Estate Form, Warranty Deed Form, Mortgage Deed Form, Lease with Purchase Option Form, and Commercial Lease Form, and a Buying & Selling Your Home Kit is also available. Sambrotto said that customers can pay to access the Socrates products. There are eight...