Real estate buyers profit with lease options, subject-to deals

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"Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and 'Subject to' Deals" by Wendy Patton is a reliable new book about profiting with lease options and taking title to houses "subject to" their existing mortgages. Starting at age 21, Patton has been profitably buying and selling houses using the techniques she explains in her new book. Having personally used lease options to buy and sell many houses for more than 25 years, I was especially interested in what this very knowledgeable Michigan investor reveals about her techniques. I learned they are remarkably similar to mine, although she has several different twists which overcome potential drawbacks. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Patton doesn't hesitate to share the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. Heavy emphasis is placed on finding and creating lease options and "subject to" home purchases. She explains the signals of motivated home sellers and how to work with Realtors to find these bargain properties. Considering the ...