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HUD, Small Business Administration hold RESPA roundtable

Small, medium-sized businesses discuss proposed changes

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The sky's the limit and the slate is clean for suggestions, changes and input on how to improve the nation's mortgage settlement process in today's Department of Housing and Urban Development small-business roundtable. "We're starting over with a clean slate," HUD spokesman Brian Sullivan has said of the roundtables, the first of which was held last Thursday. This afternoon's meeting in Los Angeles is co-hosted by the Small Business Administration and will seek business input on reform of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, known as RESPA. The series of six roundtables were planned by HUD to collect input from consumers and industry professionals on how to simplify the home-buying process. Three of the meetings, the first of which was last Friday, will be in Washington, D.C., and will include industry organizations. Today's meeting is the first of the other three meetings, which are specifically designed to hear from the small-business community. Today's meeting will be a...