How to save when buying real estate title insurance

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Title insurance is a necessary evil for property owners and mortgage lenders. Similar to fire and auto insurance, virtually every policyholder hopes he/she will never need to file a title claim. But title insurance seems expensive, whether the property seller or the homeowner pays the premium. To illustrate, when is the last time you heard of anyone receiving payment on a title insurance policy? Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. I've been buying and selling real estate for 38 years, and I know many real estate investors, and hear from thousands of readers. But I have yet to hear of a title insurance policyholder who received payment for his/her defective title or insured title risk. Depending on whose statistics you believe, title insurance companies pay just 5 percent to 10 percent of collected policy premiums for their title claims. Isn't that shocking? But it shouldn't be. Title insurance companies spend most of their earned premiums to research titles to be certain they don...