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Real estate companies adapt to new technologies

High-tech revolution is just evolution, say execs

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SAN FRANCISCO – Real estate agents are not an endangered species – they are just an evolving breed – according to a panel of executives who are leading real estate companies that have a flair for technology. Just as station wagons evolved into SUVs, real estate is changing to accommodate new consumer preferences, said Eric Danziger, president and CEO for ZipRealty who spoke during a panel today at the Real Estate Connect 2005 conference. "The customer spoke, this company responded. It's just an evolution," Danziger said. We are to the (real estate) business what Amazon is to Borders. It's just an evolution." ZipRealty, which has about 1,300 agents, drums up most of its new business through Internet leads – about 70 percent of leads are generated online, he said. Also, the company's agents are employees who receive benefits, including 401k plans and stock options, he said. Consumers who work with the company's agents receive a rebate or commission discount. ...