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Federal officials get an earful on real estate antitrust

Conference attendees share stories, worries

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SAN FRANCISCO – Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission antitrust officials, who participated in a real estate technology conference Thursday, said they have an open ear for any suspected antitrust law violations but in some cases cannot take any action. David Kully, a representative for the DOJ's Antitrust Division, and Maureen Ohlhausen, director of the FTC Office of Policy Planning, fielded questions about their agencies' roles and limitations, and heard complaints about real estate industry practices in various markets. The officials, who stated that they were expressing their own views, spoke during a roundtable discussion titled "Antitrust: What is the Story?" at Real Estate Connect 2005. Antitrust has been on the minds and mouths of real estate professionals a lot lately, as national media and federal agencies have focused in on real estate antitrust issues. Over the past few months, the DOJ and FTC have taken the real estate industry to task over alle...