Beating home’s summer heat

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When summer's sun is beating down outside, the inside of your home can quickly become hot and stuffy, with warm, stale air seeming to hang stagnant in every corner. If you're searching for some alternatives to air conditioning, you might want to consider a whole-house fan. Easy to install, much less expensive to operate than an air conditioner, and surprisingly unobtrusive, a whole-house fan may be all the cooling you need in milder climates, or can offer a great supplement to your other air conditioning on days when it's not as hot. Whole-house ventilation fans operate on a very simple principle. The fan unit is mounted in the ceiling in a central location such as a hallway or near the top of the main stairs. Once the outside air temperature drops below the temperature inside, simply open up the windows and flip the switch to activate the fan. The powerful fan motor draws a large volume of cooler outside air into the house, pushing the warmer inside air into the attic and then out th...