Buying the right replacement windows

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Beside a picture of Albert Einstein, a newspaper ad for "beautiful vinyl windows" declares: "It doesn't take a buy the right windows." "RESTORE IT RIGHT!" fires back an ad for a competing firm that installs only wood windows – "the perfect fit for your custom home." So which replacement windows are really the right choice? Vinyl? Wood? Some other kind? Or none at all? It may not take an Einstein to decide, but it does take some careful thinking. The right choice depends on the style of your house and what you're expecting from your new windows. And, in many cases, replacement isn't the best choice. For example, if you're planning to replace your windows solely to reduce your energy bills, you may be disappointed. In an average home, the vast majority of heat is lost through walls and ceilings, not through windows. Therefore, simpler measures such as heavily insulating your attic and your heating ducts – perhaps even replacing an old and inefficient furnace...