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Online search to take real estate by storm

Part 1: Top trends from Real Estate Connect

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(This is Part 1 of a four-part series. See Part 2: Real estate maps go from bland to grand; Part 3: Online magazine puts new twist on real estate advertising; and Part 4: Real estate's future driven by Tablets, Dashboards.) The movers, shakers and innovators gathered last week in San Francisco for Real Estate Connect. The way you will be doing business in the future is about to undergo a radical change. Are you going to be an early adopter who gains the competitive edge? Or will you be the agent who is hanging on to your buggy whip trying to whip a dead horse into action? What does the future in real estate look like five years from now? While no one has a crystal ball, the next four columns will give you a snapshot of the trends, new products and ways that your business may soon be different. 1. Search One of the most important influences on real estate today is search technology. This term refers to how consumers locate information on the Web. The typical Internet search ofte...