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Realigent partners with online map provider

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Join 4,000 real estate pros at Connect SF, Aug 7‑11, 2017 users will have access to RealBird's online real estate maps through a new partnership the company has with Realigent, which operates the Homeseekers real estate Web portal. Under the partnership, the companies said they also will cooperate to develop better map-based search systems for the real estate industry. Mapping technology has turned the online home shopping experience on its head, enabling people to search for homes in the same way they think about where they live instead of relying solely on ZIP codes or city or county names. A growing group of technology companies are offering mapping products for the real estate industry, and more companies are implementing interactive mapping features into their Web sites. Several factors are driving the trend, including the widespread adoption of high-speed Internet connections and the rapid evolution of media-rich interactive property listings from text to photos to virtual tours and beyond. RealBird provides online map...