Permit check recommended for original home

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Dear Barry, As a veteran home inspector, I take exception to a recommendation in one of your columns. You advised that home inspectors urge their clients to do a permit check at the local building department if additions or alterations to the property are apparent. Why are you making a recommendation that exceeds the standard scope of a home inspection? If all the work is done in a professional manner, and if no evidence of faulty workmanship is apparent, what's the rationale? By the same logic, an inspector should advise a client to check for permits on the original structure. Don't you think this advice should be amended? – Larry Dear Larry, You have unintentionally advanced an excellent point regarding permit checks: Home buyers should definitely check for building permits on original structures, not just on additions or alterations. In fact, many home inspectors routinely recommend that buyers check with the building department to verify all permits, final inspections, and...