Best way to preserve mahogany window treatments

Unpainted surface a blessing for do-it-yourselfers

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Q: We have a Storybook-style house built in 1929. It has beautiful interior mahogany window casings and sills, doors and door casings, and baseboards. The window muntins are also stained wood (although not mahogany). This wood has not been well cared for and, although not rotten, is dried out. What is the proper way to care for this wonderful interior accent to bring out the natural beauty of the mahogany and keep it from deteriorating? A: Your home sounds like one of the thousands of gems built in the first third of the 20th century. Seventy-five years ago, fine woodworking was more prevalent in what were then more modest homes. Ordinary people could afford to live in homes characterized by elegant woodwork and fine craftsmanship. Congratulations for putting in the time and effort to preserve your gem. Your work will provide great pleasure for yourself and for future generations. How you go about restoring your wood will depend on what you have to work with. You are miles ahea...