Fixer-uppers hold secrets to real estate profits

Book reveals tips on negotiation, project approval

There should be a law requiring every real estate investor, especially developers, to read "Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Developer" by Mark B. Weiss. The author, a Chicago realty developer, reveals little-known success secrets most property improvers would prefer to keep private so competitors don't discover their profit techniques. For example, the author shares how he acquires properties with profit potential for little or no cash from his pocket. Yet, he obtains purchase and construction financing from local banks, which require equity investments by the developer-investor. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. When I was renovating "fixer-upper houses," I wish there had been a guidebook like this one to show me how to analyze, acquire, renovate and profitably hold or resell "value added real estate" such as Weiss develops. Although the author is highly successful, he even shares his few unprofitable property stories where he misjudged the market. To illustrate, Weiss shares ho...