Cellular phone network impacts real estate values

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Michael Linet Inc. serves as an agent for several cellular phone service providers. He assists these firms to identify and oversee the construction of cellular phone sites, which are important to operation of mobile phone service networks. Representing cellular phone provider Metro PCS Inc., Linet identified a country-club site as ideal for construction of a 120-foot flagpole with a cellular communications antenna concealed inside. The country club would receive rent for use of the flagpole. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Because of the flagpole height exceeding 60 feet, Linet had to obtain approval from the city before constructing the pole. However, several neighbors objected, claiming the flagpole would have an adverse impact on the value of their property. Residents testified they would not have bought their homes if the flagpole were present. A local Realtor testified the pole would adversely impact home resale values. Others complained about the proximity to a nearby midd...