Real estate title transfer method draws criticism

Transfer-on-death deeds prove difficult for some

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DEAR BOB: You said you were shocked when that attorney told his client she should prepare a quit claim deed and leave it with her will so her house would not go through probate when she dies. Your alternative suggestion was a revocable living trust. Where I live, we have real estate transfer-on-death deeds to a named beneficiary that avoids probate. Aren't attorneys aware of these new laws? – Dorothy C. DEAR DOROTHY: Although many states have laws allowing transfer-on-death designations for bank accounts, stocks, bonds and other personal property to avoid probate court costs and delays, few states allow transfer-on-death realty deeds. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. There are pro and con reasons regarding real estate transfer-on-death deeds to avoid probate. To illustrate, if you transfer your real estate to me in your will, but we later have a "falling out," you can easily cut me out of your will. However, if you have a real estate transfer-on-death real estate deed, it'...