Pros and cons of selling real estate ‘by-owner’

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A few days ago on a flight to San Francisco, I was seated next to well-known neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Parkinson from Sydney, Australia. He had been involved in a symposium at Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago and was returning home. After I told him my two neurosurgery stories, including how a University of Minnesota medical center neurosurgeon saved my father's life, Dr. Parkinson wisely changed the topic by asking, "And what do you do?" Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. "I write about and invest in real estate" was my quick "elevator speech" reply. That gave us plenty of conversation for several hundred miles after I discovered he is very interested in real estate. My seatmate told me he and his wife live in a Sydney "duplex." Then I learned a duplex in Australia is a two-story house, not a two-family residence as it means in the U.S. Dr. Parkinson then asked me about "by owner" home sales, which he said are very popular in Australia. Thinking fast, I presum...