Safety issue plagues garage-door opener

Light sensors likely at root of problem

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Dear Barry, My garage-door opener (closer) only operates if I press the button continuously until the door is fully closed. If I remove my finger from the button while the door is closing, the door immediately reverses and returns to the open position. I used to simply touch the button and walk away while it kept closing. Is this problem repairable, or do I need a new door opener? – David Dear David, Garage-door openers are equipped with an automatic safety reverse feature, to prevent children, pets and other essential beings from becoming trapped, injured, or worse, beneath a descending garage door. Occasionally, this reverse function ventures out of adjustment, as appears to be the case with your door opener. The safety reverse mechanism is stubbornly attempting to prevent the door from closing, needlessly striving to save an imperiled life. When you hold the button, you are over-riding this mechanized altruism. This enables closure of the door, but not with the level of con...