Home inspector recommendation fuels suspicion

Buyer fears best interest may be compromised

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Dear Barry My real estate agent recommends a particular home inspector, but I'm highly suspicious. The source of my concern is a magazine article that encouraged home buyers not to trust their agent's recommendation, but to select their own inspector. The article implied that agents prefer home inspectors who minimize property defects, while working hand in hand with agents to close their sales. What is your stand on this touchy subject? – Beverly Dear Beverly, Unsavory alliances can be found in all areas of commerce and human activity, including the sale and representation of real estate. Accordingly, the old "buyer beware" principal still applies, and a healthy measure of cautious restraint is still appropriate when placing your trust in anyone, including agents and home inspectors. But negative generalizations should be avoided because they unduly discredit those of honorable and fair-minded intent. Aside from any articles you may have read, blanket assumptions cannot be ju...