New book leaves ‘cash-challenged’ borrowers starved

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If you are a "cash challenged" home buyer or investor, reading "Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit" by Peter Conti and David Finkel might give you enough information to be successful. Although the book has its high points, especially the superb negotiation chapter, it gives just enough general information to keep the reader reading but without enough "how to" details. The book's theme is a glimpse at the authors' so-called "intensive training" real estate seminar. It superficially follows several attendees through their course, including coaching by previous graduates. But the book totally neglects the "why" of investing in real estate, such as long-term capital gains, and concentrates on quick-flip profits. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The first half of the book provides valuable information for beginner home buyers and investors. The key is learning the strength of the home seller's motivation to sell. If the motivation is weak, Conti and Finkel advise not wasting tim...