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Craigslist to Oodle: Stop using our classified ads

Free classified site asks search engine not to display its ads

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In a controversial move, Craigslist, the well-known national online classified ad and discussion site, has asked Oodle, a search engine for online classified ads, to stop displaying its listings. Both sites offer consumers a way to look at real estate for sale or rent, along with a number of other online ads for such things as vehicle and jobs. "We got an e-mail from Jim Buckmaster, Craiglist's CEO, asking us not to use their listings any more," said Oodle CEO Craig Donato. Donato e-mailed back asking why and requesting an opportunity to talk to Buckmaster, but has not gotten an answer, Donato said. "I'm a huge fan of Craigslist and I think it's a great service. We really thought we were helping them out," said Donato. Donato revealed the news Oct. 13 on his blog on the Oodle site. His company has complied with Craigslist's request. "Craigslist gets so many hits from Oodle's robots spidering the site to gather listings that it puts a strain on Craiglist's server and slows the system d...