Handicapped access raises a stink with restaurateur

Plaintiff's attorney seeks reimbursement for legal fees

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Jerry Doran is a paraplegic who requires a wheelchair and a mobility-equipped vehicle to travel in public. He visited a Del Taco restaurant where he could not find a handicapped parking space near the entrance, and he also had difficulty using the restroom. Doran sued the restaurant owners to force them to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) handicapped access requirements. Before the trial, the parties reached a $4,000 monetary damages settlement. The restaurant owner promised to remedy the architectural barriers. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. But Doran's attorney then insisted upon receiving $39,795 attorney's fees from the restaurant owners. The owners refused to pay, arguing that they never received any pre-litigation letter complaining about handicapped access to the restaurant. If you were the judge would you award Doran's attorney fees of $39,795? The judge said no! "Serial plaintiffs serve as 'professional pawns' in an ongoing scheme to bilk attorn...