Gas heater a great addition for garage or shop

What to consider when shopping for a heater

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Frozen fingers and numb toes don't make for the most pleasant experience while you're in your shop hand-crafting that cherry bookcase, or in the garage rebuilding a carburetor. It might be time to consider adding some heat to those spaces, and making life a little more comfortable. Natural gas and propane heaters can offer clean and safe heat for your garage, woodshop, barn, or other work areas. Portable and permanently installed models are available, both vented and non-vented. SHOPPING FOR A HEATER The first decision is what type of fuel to use. If natural gas is already available at the property, it makes sense to power your shop heater with gas as well. If not, propane models are available that are supplied by a propane tank that is placed above or below-ground on your property. DO NOT try to operate a natural gas heater with propane, or vice-versa. Fuel-fired shop heaters are rated in BTUs of heat output. To decide on the right heater for your shop, the ideal way to do it is t...