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How to build a saleable real estate biz

Part 3: Creating a real estate exit strategy

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(This is Part 3 of a six-part series. See Part 1: Are your ready to sell your real estate practice? Part 2: Finding best successor for your real estate biz; Part 4: 7 ways to beef up your real estate business; Part 5: Putting a price tag on your real estate business and Part 6: Navigating the sale of your real estate business.) If you want to maximize the worth of your business, how you brand, niche and document your business is critical. Last week's column looked at the different roles you must address when you sell your business. This week's issue outlines three additional steps to take to maximize the worth of your business. Step #2: Brand Your Business with a Saleable Brand How have you branded your business? If you are like most agents, you have probably branded your business using your name. Agents seldom obtain the maximum price for their businesses because they haven't capitalized on the appropriate branding strategies. A great brand is memorable, references real estate,...