Strange property management book has pros and cons

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One of the most difficult books I have ever reviewed is "The Complete Landlording Book" by the editors of Socrates Media. Who the heck are they? Do they know what they wrote about? Was it a committee or a super-private individual who wrote this book? Normally, I would have discarded this new book. However, I kept seeing it in bookstores, so it deserves to be read and reviewed. It is actually quite good, but with a few deficiencies. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The easy-reading format makes for fast-paced reading. However, I never felt confidence in the mystery author's statements. Maybe the writer is an experienced landlord in whom I should place great confidence. Or perhaps he or she is a "hired hack" that was paid to research the topics and doesn't even own any rental properties. The lack of real-life examples from the author's experience, if there are any, is a glaring deficiency. Readers will have great difficulty relating to the many declarative property management opin...