How does FICO score impact real estate refinance?

Keeping on top of your credit is more important than you think

Are you still steaming because an inaccurate credit report has sent your FICO score spiraling downward, causing major problems with your efforts to refinance your home? Join the club. A few months ago, we became victims of credit-card fraud. Some clown got access to our account and charged thousands of dollars of computer equipment on our card, via telephone, at a popular outlet in the San Francisco Bay area. We discovered the bogus charges after we had returned from a short vacation and quickly informed the bank that issued our card. We also stipulated that we would not pay the charges that we did not make. By the time the mess was sorted out, we were judged to have been late on our credit-card payment for the month that we refused to pay the phony charges. That blemish, coupled with another late charge when my bill-paying bride was out of town in 2003, sent our FICO score lower. FICO scores (generated by Fair Isaac Corp.) typically range from a high of 850 to a low of 300. These nu...