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Panel ponders rebirth of Gulf Coast region

Feds, locals must work together in rebuilding, say participants

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Federal and local stakeholders will need to work together to create a transparent and coordinated process in rebuilding the storm-battered Gulf Coast area, said participants on a panel hosted by RTKL, an architecture and urban planning firm. The Tuesday panel, "Rebuilding the Gulf Coast: What Lies Ahead?" featured presentations by Paris Rutherford, director of RTKL's urban design practice; Peter Brink, vice president for programs at the National Trust for Historic Preservation; Saroj Jha, senior infrastructure specialist at the World Bank; and Sara Galvan, managing editor of The Next American City. Rutherford noted that the region's image, especially that of the city of New Orleans, has suffered from widespread publicity of looting and poverty. He urged the region to shift these perceptions and attract investment by establishing a level and transparent playing field for the allocation of funds, according to an announcement by RTKL. "In the past, the private sector has seen the G...