Partition lawsuit solves bickering among co-inheritors

Two brothers seek best way to buy third brother's share

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DEAR BOB: My father died and left his house to my two brothers and me. One brother and I want the house. The other brother does not. He demanded appraisals from us and said he would get one as well. We have our two appraisals, but the other brother did not like the numbers and is refusing to get his appraisal. Is there anything we can do to force the third appraisal and buy him out of the house for his one-third value? – Catherine M. DEAR CATHERINE: Yes. As a co-owner of the house, you can force a sale by bringing a partition lawsuit against the "difficult brother." Your situation sounds quite simple, but you and the "good brother" will need to hire a real estate attorney in the county where the house is located to bring the partition lawsuit. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. NO TAX DUE IF YOUR HOME SALE DOESN'T PRODUCE A HUGE PROFIT DEAR BOB: When a house is sold after living in it for 10 years, are taxes due from the sale of the house? – Sylvia R. DEAR SYLVIA:...