Potential home buyer needs legal ‘out’

How to avoid repercussions of breaking a lease

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Question: I am not sure, but there is a strong possibility that I may be in a position to buy a house in nine to 12 months. I am worried that my lease is coming up for renewal in a few months and my landlord requires a 12-month lease. There is no clause that would allow me to break the lease due to my home purchase. Can you tell me how can I legally break my lease, considering I'm going to be a homeowner? Tenant's attorney Kellman replies: Buying a home is a significant financial commitment. Also, this may be where you will live for many years and you may wind up keeping the property as a lifetime investment. Therefore, do not let the matter of a rental lease disturb your home-buying plans. Leases can be broken for many reasons where the landlord is at some fault with no cost or penalty to the tenant. However, if you want to break a lease based on your personal plans or needs, like buying a home, you may be held liable unless you take proper steps to protect yourself. First, you should...