Kitchen makeovers detailed in new book

Before and after photos add nice touch

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If you will be one of the more than 4 million U.S. homeowners who renovate their kitchens each year, first reading "Kitchens for the Rest of Us" by Peter Lemos will show what can be accomplished. It has more than 250 beautiful color photos by Ken Gutmaker. This unusual book includes before and after photos of kitchen makeovers. The only word to describe many of the old kitchens is "dreadful." But the renovation results, usually without expanding the often tiny spaces, are amazing. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Author Peter Lemos, who was formerly editor of Home magazine, as well as House and Home magazine editor, must have wonderful contacts in the kitchen renovation business to obtain access to these dozens of renovated kitchens. Many are upscale $100,000 kitchens. But the majority obviously cost far less, although the book neglects to state how much each kitchen renovation cost. Throughout the book, the prominent color seems to be an "earthy yellow." I didn't spot even one dark...