Should landlords rent to section 8 subsidized tenants?

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DEAR BOB: I would appreciate your expert advice on a touchy subject for residential landlords. Should I rent to Section 8 tenants whose rent is subsidized by the federal government housing program? After talking with fellow landlords at the monthly meetings of the local real estate investor's club, I am confused. Some landlords tell me Section 8 tenants are wonderful. But others tell me those tenants and the housing authority are a big pain. Whenever I had a vacancy, I get phone calls asking, "Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?" What should I do? – Mark T. DEAR MARK: My best "all star" 13-year tenant was on Section 8 subsidy. And my worst tenant, who only paid $10 per month rent (when she felt like paying), was on Section 8. I've had other Section 8 tenants who were neither very good nor very bad. For readers not familiar with the Section 8 federal government rent subsidy program, it helps low-income renters afford decent housing. Section 8 tenants pay 30 percent of their income f...