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SettlementRoom exec. second career choice is rock star

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Celeste Starchild, vice president of SettlementRoom Systems, has been with the company from the get-go, helping with the initial product design. She was also instrumental in the research, relationships, staffing, training and product-based initiatives to transform the idea for Web-based transaction management software into a successful software company. She currently handles strategic relationships for SettlementRoom Systems, among other things. Starchild holds a B.S. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in social sciences, and worked in management and graphic design before her involvement with SettlementRoom. She is the proud co-chairperson for CARMA (Central America Relief and Medical Aid). Starchild will speak during Real Estate Connect in New York City, Jan. 11-13, 2006. Here are her answers to a set of questions posed by Inman News: Panel or session at Connect: Paperless Solutions: A Profusion of Choices. What worries keep you awake at night? Nothing keeps me awake at nig...