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Opposition to real estate development grows

Survey: Americans say yes to housing, no to other projects

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Americans are twice as likely to oppose new real estate development projects as they are to support them, according to a recent nationwide poll, and they are more likely to oppose quarries, casinos, landfills and big-box retail than single-family homes and grocery stores. Those surveyed said they are most often opposed because of traffic and quality-of-life concerns and will use the political process to protect their neighborhoods from unwanted development, according to the poll on land-use issues conducted for The Saint Consulting Group, which specializes in the politics of contested neighborhood development projects. The survey, called The Saint Index, interviewed 1,000 people and was performed during October and November 2005 by the Center for Economic and Civic Opinion, University of Massachusetts/Lowell. "Rather than seeing growth and development as the time-honored stimulus to local and regional economies, the 21st-century issue is about who controls growth and development," sa...